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What is Distance and Displacement in Physics?

Distance and Displacement Distance:  The length of any path traveled by an object is called distance. Distance is a scalar quantity b…

What is inertia? Definition and explanation with example

What is inertia? If you simply define inertia then it is a type of resistance to change. Every object has a tendency to resist the cha…

What is Norton's theorem? Solved problems

What is Norton's Theorem? Norton’s theorem  is just like  Thevenin’s theorem . It is a theorem of transforming a complex linear ci…

What is Electrical Relay? Definition, Symbol, Types, Working and Uses

Relays  are one of the most popular electrical devices which are mainly used for switching purposes. But these devices do not work lik…

What is mass? Differences between mass and weight

What is mass? We can define mass as the measure of the amount of  matter  that a body contains. In  physics , it is a measure of  iner…

What is physics? History, Discoveries, and Branches of Physics

Humans were always curious about the world around them. Various bright and heavy celestial objects in the night sky have always been f…

What is Measurement? (Beginner's Guide)

Measurement  is the very basis of all scientific studies and experimentations. It also plays an important role in our day-to-day life.…

What is force? definition and types of force with example

From ancient times many philosophers have used the concept of force in the study of stationary and moving objects and simple machines,…

What is Special Theory of Relativity?

What is Special Theory of Relativity? The Special Theory of Relativity, also known as Special Relativity, is a scientific theory devel…

What is Energy? Definition, Different kinds of energy

Just as some things in nature remain unchanged for a long time, similarly too many things are constantly changing. During each change,…

What is an LED? Definition, Types, Working Principle, and Uses

We all know, for a long time people used oil lamps, hurricanes to illuminate the night. At that time, the invention of the bulb gave a…

What is Matter? Definition, States of Matter

What is Matter? According to classical physics, anything in this universe that has mass and volume (that occupies some space) is calle…

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