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What is Artificial Satellite? | Gravitation | Physics

What is Artificial Satellite? In simple words, if an object in space revolves around a star we call it a planet and if it revolves aro…

What is Gravity? | Gravitation | Physics

What is Gravity? Gravity is the force by which a planet or other body draws objects toward its center. As a result of this gravity wh…

What is Momentum? | Laws of Motion | Physics

What is Momentum? All objects have mass and if it is in motion it also has a velocity. The combination of this mass and velocity giv…

Newton's Laws of Motion | Complete Tutorial | Physics

Newton's Laws of Motion Motion is something we usually observe in our daily life. To understand the nature of motion we study Newt…

What is Escape Velocity? | Gravitation | Physics

What is Escape Velocity? The minimum velocity that a body must have in order to escape the gravitational attraction of a particular pl…

What is Semiconductor?

What is Semiconductor? We know that substances that conduct electricity are called  conductors   (such as copper and gold), and those …

Conductor Vs Insulator Vs Semiconductor

What are Conductors? Definition: Substances through which electricity is easily transmitted are called conductors . In general, all m…

What is the Vector form of Coulomb's Law?

We know that two like or similar charges repel each other and two opposite charges attract each other. Coulomb's law reveals thes…

What is the Unit of Electric Charge?

What is the Unit of Electric Charge? The SI unit of electric charge is  Coulomb (C)  and the CGS unit of electric charge is esu (elect…

What is Permittivity of Free Space?

What is Permittivity of Free Space? Permittivity is an electric constant that measures the ability of a medium to store energy within…

What is Coulomb's Law?

We know that two like or similar charges repel each other and two opposite charges attract each other ( To know more about electric ch…

What is Electric Charge? (#1 Electrostatics)

What is Electric Charge? In physics , charge, also known as electric charge , is the basic property of matter that gives rise to all …

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