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What Is Gravitational Potential? #4 Gravitation

What Is Gravitational Potential? Definition: The amount of work that an external agent has to do to bring an object of unit mass fro…

What Is Gravitational Field? #3 Gravitation

What Is Gravitational Field? Definition: The gravitational force acting on a unit mass of an object at any point in space is called t…

What Is Newton's Law Of Gravitation? #2 Gravitation

Scientists have been always curious about the planets, stars, and their motion since ancient times. Nicholas Copernicus  was the first…

Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion? #1 Gravitation

Scientists have been always curious about the planets, stars, and their motion since ancient times. They also had different ideas and …

What are speed and velocity? Definitions, types, and differences

What Is Speed? Definition:   The distance traveled by a moving object in a unit time interval is called the speed of the object . Spee…

What Is Fuse? Definition, Principles, Types, and Uses

What Is Fuse? Definition:   A fuse is an electrical safety device used to protect household appliances such as televisions, refrigerat…

What is Projectile Motion? Definition, Concepts, and Formulas

What is Projectile Motion? Definition: The motion of any object after being thrown in any direction from a point on the earth's s…

What are Scalars and Vectors in Physics?

We know that anything that can be measured is called a physical quantity. And those that cannot be measured are not a physical quantit…

What is frictional force in physics? Static, Kinetic or Sliding, and Rolling friction

We know that two forces act on a stationary object on a horizontal table, one is the weight of the object which acts downwards and th…

What is Distance and Displacement in Physics?

Distance and Displacement Distance:   The length of any path traveled by an object is called distance . Distance is a scalar quantity …

What is inertia? Definition and explanation with example

What is inertia? If you simply define inertia then it is a type of resistance to change. Every object has a tendency to resist the cha…

What is Norton's theorem? Solved problems

What is Norton's Theorem? Norton’s theorem  is just like  Thevenin’s theorem . It is a theorem of transforming a complex linear ci…

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