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What is Semiconductor?

What is Semiconductor? We know that substances that conduct electricity are called  conductors   (such as copper and gold), and those …

Conductor Vs Insulator Vs Semiconductor

What are Conductors? Definition: Substances through which electricity is easily transmitted are called conductors . In general, all m…

What is the Vector form of Coulomb's Law?

We know that two like or similar charges repel each other and two opposite charges attract each other. Coulomb's law reveals thes…

What is the Unit of Electric Charge?

What is the Unit of Electric Charge? The SI unit of electric charge is  Coulomb (C)  and the CGS unit of electric charge is esu (elect…

What is Permittivity of Free Space?

What is Permittivity of Free Space? Permittivity is an electric constant that measures the ability of a medium to store energy within…

What is Coulomb's Law?

We know that two like or similar charges repel each other and two opposite charges attract each other ( To know more about electric ch…

What is Electric Charge? (#1 Electrostatics)

What is Electric Charge? In physics , charge, also known as electric charge , is the basic property of matter that gives rise to all …

Variation in acceleration due to gravity (#7 Gravitation)

Variations in Acceleration due to gravity Acceleration due to gravity (g) is not a constant quantity. Its value changes for various r…

Acceleration due to Gravity (#6 Gravitation)

What is Acceleration due to Gravity? The acceleration gained by a freely falling object due to gravitational force/gravity is called …

What is Gravity? #5 Gravitation

What is Gravity? The force by which planets or other bodies attract objects toward their center is called gravity . As a result of thi…

What Is Gravitational Potential? #4 Gravitation

What Is Gravitational Potential? Definition: The amount of work that an external agent has to do to bring an object of unit mass fro…

What Is Gravitational Field? #3 Gravitation

What Is Gravitational Field? Definition: The gravitational force acting on a unit mass of an object at any point in space is called t…

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