What is multimeter? Beginner's Guide

Any kind of electrical work no matter what the application is - one of the best measuring tools is a multimeter. It is an electronic tool, which is used to measure voltagecurrent, resistance, and other values of electronic components. It is also known as a volt-ohm meter (VOM).

If you are a beginner and just starting how to use a digital multimeter then this article will helpful for you.  In this tutorial, you will learn - 

• What is a multimeter?
• Parts of a digital multimeter?
• What are the types of multimeters?

What is a multimeter?

multimeter is an electronic and electrical measuring device consisting of one or more meters (such as an ammeter,  voltmeter). It is used to measure two or more electrical quantities in an electric circuit, such as voltage, the resistance of a resistor, and current. Also, it is able to measure other values of electronic components such as a capacitordiodetransistortransformer, etc.

What is multimeter

The multimeter has two probes (red and black/positive and negative). They are used to connect with the circuit. And a display shows its measuring values. Basically, two types of multimeter have come - analog multimeter and digital multimeter. In these two types of multimeter, the most widely used multimeter is a digital multimeter.

Parts of a digital multimeter?

The face of a digital multimeter includes four components -

1. Display: This provides measurement readout.
2. Buttons: For changing various functions.
3. Dial: For the selection of primary measurement value ( volts, amps, and ohms ).
4. Input jacks: For test leads connections.

What is multimeter

What are the types of multimeters?

Basically, there are two types of multimeter - analog multimeter and digital multimeter.

Analog multimeter

This type of multimeter comes with a needle that moves over a graduated scale. An analog multimeter measure volts, ohms, and amps. It is also used to find electronic and electrical problems. Nowadays advanced units come with more features such as a capacitor, diode, and IC testing modes.

Analog multimeters are not as accurate as digital meters when used as a voltmeter, but it is great for detecting slow voltage changes. In the picture given below is an example of an analog multimeter.

What is multimeter

Digital multimeter

The most widely used multimeter is a digital multimeter. To provide reading it comes with an LCD(Liquid-crystal display) screen instead of the moving needle and scale which are found on the analog meter.

For the advanced features, a digital multimeter is much more expansive than an analog multimeter but it is better than an analog meter in the voltmeter function. The primary advantage of this multimeter is easy to read and highly accurate digital readout.

There are three basic types of digital multimeterFluke digital multimeterClamp digital multimeter, and Autoranging digital multimeter

What is multimeter

1. Fluke digital multimeter

Fluke digital multimeter is one of the most popular types of digital multimeters. It is designed with different collaboration functions. It comes with a large display screen and can be used to measure resistance voltage and the advanced features which measure frequency, temperature, humidity, and pressure. 

2. Clamp digital multimeter 

The basic function of clamp digital multimeter is measuring the flow of electricity. So it comes with a current sensor and it is helpful to measure current without disconnecting the circuit. In this digital multimeter, the clamps measure current and the probes measure voltage. 

3. Autoranging multimeter 

The Autoranging multimeter comes with various features and it is the easiest multimeter to use. It can measure AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, diode test, and continuity plus thermocouple temperature. Its features are a waterproof, rugged design for heavy-duty use.

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